This post it's gonna be an English post. Hopefully is it without errors. Unfortunally for these two sentence i need to help a translater. To bad. My dream is that i could talk in any languages of the world. How cool would that be?! And another reason is that sometimes i have readers all over the world. So now they can read this post. Actually i don't say annything useful. Mmm about what will i talk?

Namnls_177504073_large This is a fact. If you can choose a dutch song or an English song. I prefer an English song. And another good thing is that (almost) everybody understand you. and just words are also better in English. In French i know a word but in dutch i can't directly come on a word. So in French they said ordinateur and in English they call it a computer. The word in French is awefull. Or let me say that i find that.

source: weheartit

There is a thing that not dutch people can read the source. Okay the word is different but they see that i used it from wehearit. So actually they can read one thing.
Maybe i must tell you in short text about what i'm blogging. - is blogging a word? - I telle about spongebob, you know him. About what are you doing in the train, do you read, sleep, eavesdropping of conversations. Where i go with friends, what i do at school, fifty shades of gray! Yes i talk about that and i tell that you have to read the books. You can't stop reading. Fun guaranteed.
Now i was thinking, i want to speek in chinees. Ching Chang Chong, haha :p

Oke in the beginning it was difficult to speak English but now is it reasonable to do. I hope but i know it isn't that i wrote no errors.

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